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Pre-Project Planning

As you may have already gathered, there are a variety of stages to the pre-planning process. Dreaming, vision-casting, napkin sketches, Pinterest saves, scouring magazines, drafting architectural drawings, choosing a color scheme, finding a builder, etc. We take pride in helping navigate the challenges of accomplishing your vision within your budget. Below your will find our typical process, along with frequently asked questions about the pre-planning process.

Our Typical Process from Conception to Completion:
1. Initial Meeting in Person
2. Determine Stage of Process
3. Finalize Desired Outcome and Budget
4. Determine if Appropriate Funds are Available or if Loan is Required
5. Connect with Potential Architect and Interior Designer, etc.
6. Finalize Plans
7. Sign Pre-construction Agreement
8. Obtain Sewer Compliance
9. Initial Deposit Made by Client to Confirm Agreement and Lock-in Services

Clients often think they need to have their vision and architectural drawings complete before seeking out our services, but we can help you at any point along the process. Give us a call today and we can schedule an initial meeting to discuss your vision, help you find a loan, if needed, and share our resources.

I already have a vision and my set budget. How do I find an architect?
We have several architects and designers we can refer you to depending on your particular needs or to the level of detail that works for you!

I want an interior designer. Do Grandt Builders help with that?
Yes, we have an interior designer that we recommend, if desired.

I already chose an architect and plans are drawn. Are you able to build?
We offer our services at any point along the journey of building your dream. Call Dale at 763-268-9160 or email him at to set up an initial consultation to determine next steps and availability.

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